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The current logo used since 2014




Online Shopping


2000; 17 years ago


Jamie Salvatori


St. Louis, Missouri


Jamie Salvatori

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Vat19 is a online shopping website founded by Jamie Salvatori, in 2000. The online shop mainly focuses on selling "curiously awesome products" and making videos on their YouTube channel. They also sell some merchandise of their own.

History Edit

Vat19 was founded in 2000, by the current owner, Jamie Salvatori, under the name "Vat 19". The website had not yet been launched, however. The original logo

In 2003, Vat19 changed their logo. The second logo had the word "Vat" kept, but the "19" was put on a barrel, the fact a vat is known as a container. Vat19 also changed it's name, to the current name, "Vat19". This marked Vat19's first era.

In 2005, Vat19 changed their name again, this time to Vat19 JBS. This is also the beginning of the Vat19 JBS era. They also changed their logo to the current "Hobo" font.[1][2] However, this name change, was only temporary, and changed again in 2005. 2005 was the beginning of the current 2nd era of Vat19. They changed their logo to a logo similar to the current one, however it had orange outlines, and no grey text. 2006 is when they changed their logo once again, this time having

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