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Price $19.99 to $24.99 (Såndbox costs $19.99)
Available Yes

Sånd, or simply called Sand, is a container of kinetic play sand in 3 colors: Original, Blue, and Green[1]. It's video is the most viewed on Vat19's channel, at 98,000,000+ views.

Site DescriptionEdit

Sånd (rhymes with "wand") brings all the fun of beach sand indoors without any of the mess.

You can mold it, sculpt it, and write on it just like wet beach sand, but Sånd is completely dry and only sticks to itself — not your hands!

Sånd is an ingenious Swedish invention that is 98% regular sand and 2% polymer. But boy, oh boy, that two percent makes a huge difference!

Sånd simply has to be felt to be believed. It oozes when you squeeze it, yet you can sculpt it and it will hold its shape. And watching it flow is simply mesmerizing.

Sånd is non-toxic and never dries out. Ages 5 and up.

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